Porsche911│997Carrera BODYKIT│made in JAPAN│One Four Arts

We have developed an innovative body kit for the Porsche 911 (997) Carrera.Designed to make the Porsche 997 more aggressive.This Porsche 997 Carrera body kit is designed and produced in Japan.It is the best 911 body kit carefully made by Japanese.

Front Bumper&Front Lip Spoiler&Front Duct Cover

This bodykit comes with a large lip spoiler.

A body kit that retains the goodness of the Porsche 997 Carrera.

Equipped with an air scoop, the Carrera is better looking and more efficient.

It is designed to give various impressions by coloring separately.


Flowing air scoops enhance the aesthetics of the Porsche 997.

The air scoop has a joint, and the engine room opens by removing the bolt. Also, painting the bolts will change the impression even more.

It is a design that does not impair the usability and mobility of the 911 carrera.

Rear Bumper&Rear Spoiler

It can be changed to a design that does not seem like a Porsche more than 10 years ago.

It combines ideal design and performance, such as a large rear spoiler and exhaust heat vents.

One Four Arts porsche911(997)BODYKIT Price

Complete set (with roof Air intake):8600$/US

Complete set (without roof air intake.Engine hood duct cover included):7100$/US

Complete set (with roof air intake):¥1025500 (JP)

Front Bumper:¥180000

Front duct cover(L,R):¥48000

Front Lip Spoiler:¥95000

Roof duct:¥180000

Roof Duct Joint:¥37500

Engine Hood:¥155000

Rear Spoiler:¥120000

Rear Spoiler Fin(L,R):¥20000

Rear Bumper:¥190000

合計:¥1025500(without TAX)





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